openMed at the German TELEMED 2016 conference

This year, the annual national German TELEMED 2016 conference focused on “eHealth framework conditions across Europe: strategies, legal context, implementation.” It took place in Berlin July 04-05.

There the project coordinator of openMedicine, Prof. Dr. Karl Stroetmann presented a very well received full paper on “Cross-border ePrescriptions in the EU – Towards a European approach to univocally identify medicinal products.” He underlined that to better enable safe cross-border healthcare delivery, particularly the exchange of ePrescriptions, the EU funded openMedicine project explores the unique identification of medicinal products (MPs) in such settings.

Impacts will be considerable for healthcare services and systems globally as well as – through simplifying and speeding up the registration, authorisation and tracing of new products across their full life cycle including pharmacovigilance – for all stakeholders. This concerns in particular patients, but also national and international regulatory agencies, the pharmaceutical industry, and others.

In a concise addendum, the paper briefly reflects on the wider EU policy context of national ePrescription systems and expected benefits and costs from a national as well as a European perspective. In spite of early legal requirements enacted in 203 already for providing an appropriate interoperable infrastructure for ePrescription systems in Germany, no implementations were realised so far.

The full paper is available here