Our ambition

Enabling the delivery of safe and efficient cross-border healthcare is a policy priority of the European Union. Towards this end, member states of the European Union are taking down borders to electronically exchange ePatient Summaries and ePrescriptions. In this context, the overall goal of openMedicine was to contribute towards and enhance the safety and continuity of cross-border (and also national level) healthcare through interoperable ePrescriptions, and to develop concrete solutions to remaining challenges. Whereas the epSOS project basically solved the electronic “communication” or message transfer problem, it encountered a serious “delivery” problem: the univocal identification of the medicinal product, which was noted in a prescription from a given country, by a pharmacist dispensing it in another country (initially across the Union,

The project aimed to reach a global consensus in order to univocally identify and describe unambiguously a medicine, resulting in the delivery of the appropriate medicinal product to the patient. And it expanded the scope by also considering issues and challenges in the clinical context, like recording medicinal products in the ePatient Summary as well as in electronic health records and other clinical documents, like in the prescription history or the active medication list.





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