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Our ambition

To better enable cross-border healthcare delivery, particularly the exchange of ePrescriptions and safe dispensation of prescribed medicinal products, the openMedicine global initiative advances the unique identification of medicinal products (MPs) and thereby patient safety in cross-border settings. Major stakeholders harmonise their respective efforts to deliver

  • a common data model based on and extending standards in use for prescribed medications
  • an unambiguous vocabulary for the description and identification of medicinal and pharmaceutical products
  • robust rules to account for and gradually harmonize concepts and practices of therapeutic and economic substitution
  • an actionable global roadmap to advance post-project implementation realising interoperable and safe eHealth services across local, state, and international borders
  • coordination of practical solutions and policy recommendations of OpenMedicine with the policy recommendations of the EU/US roadmap process for eHealth cooperation.

openMedicine is an ambitious attempt to support health policy development across European countries and globally in a matter that may affect all of us, since it impacts safety and quality of healthcare in general, and cross-border healthcare in particular.



Final expert council meeting at EMA in London

openMedicine will host its final expert council meeting at EMA in London on November 09-10, 2016

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eHealth week Amsterdam

Session on "EU/US Facilitating interoperability across the Atlantic"

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